The Cedar Rapids Beer Summit is March 12 and here's some amazing beer facts to amaze your friends with at the party!


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    Beer Was Once Drank Hot

    It certainly doesn't sound good to me, but The Atlantic reports that a warm ale could help provide heat and could even replace a meal. It goes great with a meal, but as a replacement... probably not the greatest idea.

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    Beer Recipes Go Back as Much as 4,000 Years!

    The Cultural Institute has a clay tablet that dates to 3100-3000 BC that shows beer three different times. Meanwhile, Smithsonian Magazine claims Egyptian Pyramid workers were paid in beer. They would receive four to five liters a day. Considering that kind of consumption, it's amazing the work they were able to do.

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    Beer Is Brewed at the White House

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    Light is Bad for Beer

    Light can make your beer smell like a skunk. That's what happens when hops see the light according to Dr. Charles Bamforth from the University of California at Davis. Brown beer bottles prevent this problem.

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    Drink Beer for Strong Bones