We have an update on the Covid-19 cases here in Iowa.

According to the Cedar Rapids Gazette, "Iowa reported 260 new positive coranavirus cases Saturday, bringing the total to 25, 424 since the initial outbreak."

As far as deaths from the virus, here in Iowa that number is 681. The latest was a person in Wapello County. These numbers come courtesy of the Iowa Department of Public Health.

The big story is what's going on in Johnson County. Our friends to the south saw their fourth consecutive day of double digit cases. In the four day stretch, cases of 14, 11, 24 and 22 were reported.

Things are really trending the wrong way in Johnson County. We all need to make sure we continue to social distance, wash our hands and stay home if your're feeling sick. This virus is still very much a concern and we can't forget that.

As far as hospitalizations go, Iowa is at 182. Of those hospitalizations, 58 are intensive-care patients and 30 are on ventilators.

Here's a look at the top 5 counties in Iowa with confirmed cases:

  • Polk with 5,410
  • Woodbury is #2 with 3,054
  • Black Hawk has a total of 1,876
  • Buena Vista is 4th with 1,640
  • And Linn is number 5 with 1,066

To read the full story from the Cedar Rapids Gazette, you can click on this link.

Let's hope the numbers here in Iowa will go down. It would be nice for this nightmare to be over and we can get back to life as it used to be before the pandemic.

Let's hope so.

[Source: C.R. Gazette]

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