As President Trump recently announced he'll be sending more troops in Afghanistan, the Iowa National Guard in Waterloo held a send-off ceremony for 35 Iowa National Guardsmen on Friday morning.

Families of the enlisted gathered as the 211th General Support Aviation Battalion deployed for training at Fort Hood, Texas. After training they'll be stationed in places as far away as Iraq and Afghanistan.

KCRG TV 9 reported that the unit provides medical evacuations using Blackhawk helicopters, aiding by picking up wounded soldiers and taking them to hospitals.

For members of this Guard, it's not their first rodeo. In 2012, this unit was first deployed, they completed a tour of active duty in Afghanistan and then returned to Iowa in June 2013.

We salute the troops of the 211th General Support Aviation Battalion of the Iowa National Guard and hold them close in our hearts.

[source: KCRG TV 9 ]

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