Hi friends! It's time for my annual list of "Top 10 things That Suck!" I don't pick the sucky things that everybody hates like taxes, mosquitoes, bad Wi-Fi or Eric Stone's laugh. Instead, I think outside the box a little bit of the things that really grind my gears.

Check out my list and then make your own. It can be VERY liberating! It's also a fun way to learn more about someone's character. Here's my 2018 version of "The Top 10 Things That Suck, according to Jaymz!

10. Couples that sit on the same side of the booth while eating: This should never happen, it looks weird. It is weird. Just stop it. Sit across from each other like normal human beings. We know you're in love but just stop being gross.

9. Ticketmaster: I went to a $10 Sevendust concert a few years at the Five Seasons Center. After my fees, the ticket was $27.50. Stop being jerks.

8. Phone calls to hotels: "Hello and thank you for calling the Double Tree in Downtown Cedar Rapids where we love your business and this is Monica and I would be happy to direct your call on this beautiful day." Is this all necessary?  No, it's not.

7. Suggestive Selling: I was at a gas station a few months ago and a woman asked me if I wanted cigarettes to go with my cat food and cheese stick. STOP IT! If I want something, I'll bring it to the counter. AND I DON'T SMOKE!

6. People that text you after sending an e-mail: We all have one in the office. They send you an e-mail and 5 minutes later send a text: "I sent you an e-mail, let me know if you got it." I know I got it, I have an iPhone, gosh dammit! It makes a noise the second I get it. Please, just let me ignore it like I was planning on doing in the first place.

5. Random Facebook messages: I get three or for a day....it's creepy, please stop.

4. That lady at Kohl's that is always asking me to sign up for a store card. I'm not going to do it. You ask me three times every time I check out. Please stop.

3. Public finger nail clipping: Do these people not realize how gross they are? I don't think they do!  It sucks.

2. Previews at the movies: I know many of you LOVE the previews but I hate them. I can never ration enough popcorn for the actual movie. It's always gone by the opening credits. Really, 20 minutes of BS before I get to see my movie I paid for!

1. Selfies: I love taking pictures, but I don't take them myself. Hand your phone to someone else. Even if it's a total stranger....nobody looks good in a selfie because it's a weird angle. AND STOP DOING THEM EVERYDAY. We get it, the Snapchat bunny filter is cute.....but let's give it a rest. Let's take a break on the selfies, people.

What's your top ten? Comment below and we will discuss next week on The KRNA Morning Show!

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