*Bobcat in above photo is not the one referred to in the story.

It's not everyday that a bobcat gets caught on camera. Christmas Day seemed to be the exception as one was spotted in the southern part of the state.

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KCCI reports that the Iowa Department of Natural Resources has confirmed a bobcat sighting in southern Iowa, just north of Indianola. A KCCI viewer, Dan Ries, captured a photo of the creature on Christmas Day lurking near a friend's chicken coop. Bobcats and chickens aren't exactly friends, so I'd imagine that the cat was up to no good and looking for its next meal. A photo of the cat can be seen in the KCCI report here.

Was it really a bobcat? Iowa DNR worker Alex Murphy confirms that it was. Murphy went on to say that seeing a bobcat isn't that unusual either, as they are found "throughout the southern half of Iowa with a healthy breeding population".

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