Sad news out of Earlville, Maryland. According to The Baltimore Sun, "a home was destroyed after the owner accidently set her couch on fire."

Here's what happened. The woman was looking for something under her couch. It must have been too dark to see, so she grabbed a lighter to assist her. This is where the story takes an unfortunate turn. While looking under the couch, the lighter got too close to the fabric. I think you know where this is going.

The couch went up in flames and so did the mobile home. It was a complete loss and firefighters battled the blaze for thirty minutes. The Baltimore Sun also reported there was over $20,000 in damages due to the fire.

There is good news, the woman got out okay and wasn't harmed. That's the important part of the story, nobody got hurt.

I just wonder what she was looking for? Whatever it was, I don't think she found it.

[Courtesy: The Baltimore Sun]