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Jaymz Interviews a Pig [VIDEO]
After all these years, I finally made it. Look at me now, Mom. I've finally hit the big time. I interview a pig.
What Jaymz Likes Most About Hosting The KRNA Morning Show
The new 94.1 KRNA morning show is off and running! It's been almost two weeks and things are running smooth as silk. It's so rewarding to come to work everyday and play music, tell jokes and interact with the listeners here in Iowa.
Jaymz is Crying Over Spilled Milk
I've been the host of the KRNA morning show for exactly one week. The show is going well, that's the good news. The bad news, I'm already in trouble!
KRNA On-Air DJs Debut
Welcome Jaymz Larson, Micki Slick, Mike Ferris, Zach Martin, Bill Hahn and Valarie Hiatt