Daniel Norris does what I've always dreamed of doing. Pitch in the major leagues. It's never occurred to me that living in a VW Microbus is an option for those who live the dream. Check out this guy's very unique way of living off that $2M salary...


I like the part about turning down the music and being one with his friend's sonic output.

If you've ever seen PDGA Disc golf professionals toss the plastic, you know they are amazing. Lots of those guys live out of their vehicles too, albeit with a just a tad smaller take-home pay scale. The reason I bring up "discin" is because I've always wanted to look at this national course map and just go! Cut my pears with a machete. Drive and disc. Drive and disc. I'd head west. Can you imagine some of the places you'd play with canyons and sweet vistas of all sorts? Iowa is behind only Texas in number of courses. I've played many here. It'd be cool to explore others across the nation.

Speaking of canyons, you can experience a round within some really sweet elevation drops up in St. Paul. Here's a description of Kaposia State Park. That's a fantastic destination if you want some scenery while you tear your shoulder up this spring.