Wolf Matthews and I hit the disc links over the weekend at Thomas Park/Legion in Marion.

"Worst day discin' is better than the best day working."

OK, that old adage applies to people who actually work for a living. Wolf and I aren't exactly diggin' ditches at our day jobs. He spins the dials at KRNA each weekend and during the week at CBS2.

Wolf has a great short game. Just like in "Ball Golf" - you can Drive For Show, but it's Putting For Dough that makes the difference. He was nailing mid-range putts all day.

Theodore the Beagle was all about the woods. The nose knows. While he has no interest in chasing or catching standard Wham-O frisbees...he is a master disc-tracker. Plenty of rabbits & deer in the park to keep him entertained.

I had a few decent drives, but nothing spectacular. Thomas Park/Legion is my kind of course. Lots of trees and elevation changes. I've played Kaposia State Park in St. Paul and a few Madison courses that have similar landscapes.

Get out and zing some plastic this summer! Here's a great map of courses nationwide. [Iowa is second only to Texas in number of courses].

Happy Discin', Hawkeyes.