Half-Male, Half-Female Cardinal Spotted (PHOTOS)
It’s called a ‘bilateral gynandromorph.’ Half of its body is male and the other half is female. Its colors split right down the middle.
The photos (below) of the half-male, half-female Northern Cardinal were taken in Grand Valley, Pennsylvania...
Can Midwest Dominate Baseball?
The 2015 Major League Baseball season saw three midwest teams have huge success, one of them (the Kansas City Royals) winning it all. This year, the prognosticators are forecasting I'll be another great time to be a baseball fan in this part of the country.
NLDS Schedule: Cubs vs. Cardinals
Jake Arrieta and the Chicago Cubs defeated the Pittsburgh Pirates on Wednesday night (10/7) in the National League Wild Card Game. The 4-0 win was the team's first postseason victory since 2003, and earned them a trip to the National League Division Series against the St. Louis Cardinals.