What's going on?

It’s 4/20, Happy Zombie Jesus Day!
Happy April 20th!  And it just happens to be Zombie Jesus Day (or Easter to the culturally challenged).  Dance with Mary Jane, eat some tasty ham and chocolate bunnies, then veg out with a movie to celebrate!
Need help finding the perfect zombie flick to honor the re-animation of Christ...
Rockin’ it Live
People ask me all the time, "what's your favorite <insert whatever here>"?  It's so difficult to come up with top favorites since they always change.  However one of those has always been super easy for me.  Bands I want to see before they die…
Hello Snow!
When I was a kid, snow was the most awesome thing ever.  You got to stay home from school if there was a ton of it, you could make forts and have snowball fights, sled and freeze just about every body part you had off and you didn't care; it was fun...
History of Black Friday
I am a question person, I'm always curious about whatever random thing happens to have flown through my head.  Today I was wondering, where did the concept of Black Friday come from?  Here's a great article on the history of Black Friday.
Click here to read it...
Happy Thanksgivukkah!
Today is not only Thanksgiving, but the first full day of Hanukkah.  This rare occasion has spawned some great creative trinkets and fun.  Light the menekry, throw on some Adam Sandler and enjoy the holidays!
Learn more here!
Arctic Invasion!
I check the weather… a lot.  Since we live in Iowa, whether we realize it or not, we base a lot of our lives around it.  When I jump over to NOAA (since it looks way warmer than it should outside), I see the following weather statement:

Intergalactic Robot Attack!
ScreenCrush reported recently that J.J. Abrams; “Star Wars: Episode 7” will still include the same R2-D2 that we all know and love.  That got me thinking about if I would actually go see this new chapter in the Star Wars saga when it hits theaters in a couple years