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2018: The Year Of The Nutella Riots
News stories define a year. 2016 was the year the music died for many legends. 2017 was the year that Donald Trump got the keys to the white house. In France, 2018 may be known as the year of the Nutella Riots.
Does Iowa Need This Import From Cajun Country?
I was driving along the big shopping strip in Coralville the other day, and I realized there was something missing. Maybe not missing from an Iowan's perspective, but to someone who recently moved from Louisiana, there is definitely at least one type of store that just isn't anywhere to be…
Iowa City Looking For New Murals Downtown
A downtown area can define a city. Whether it be cold and industrial, colorful and vibrant, or a mix of this and that; downtown USA is the heartbeat of any metro area. Iowa City is hoping to add some more color to its bustling downtown with some new murals, and you could be one of the artists.