Linn County saw its first four confirmed cases of COVID-19 on March 20 and today, April 23, reached a total of 507. During today's Linn County Public Health press conference, they provided information that showed the rise of the cases over that time, as well as a breakdown, by age group, of all the cases in the county.

Linn County Public Health

As you can see above, the county still had less than 100 cases on April 1. However, the numbers have greatly accelerated in the 22 days since. Confirmed cases reached 200 on April 8, 300 on April 15, and 400 on April 18.

Of the 507 cases in Linn County, nearly half (241) have recovered from the virus. There have been 33 deaths from COVID-19 in Linn County.

Also revealed at the meeting, nearly 70 percent of confirmed cases of COVID-19 in Linn County are people 60 and under, with one of every three being between the ages of 18 and 40. The age groups with the highest risk of severe illness from the virus, adults 61 and above, accounted for 29 percent of all cases in the county. Thus far, the illness has left local kids nearly untouched.

Linn County Public Health

In a media release, Linn County Supervisor Stacey Walker said,

As you can see, we have not yet hit the apex, and we’re still trending upward, so we must be diligent and increase our efforts to meet this challenge. I thank you for your efforts to date. Imagine how much worse this could have been without your sacrifices. This data also shows that COVID-19 does not discriminate by age. The death rate may be higher for people 60 and older, but young people are not immune to the severities of this disease. We need you to be extra careful as a community and not become complacent as the weather improves.

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