NFL teams will begin their 2024-2025 season in 2 or 3 weeks.

Every NFL team will have their Rookies report between July 16 and 24th. The remaining veteran players will report sometime between July 17th and 24th.

Every team has its unique schedule on when rookie players and veterans are expected to show up for training camp but all 32 teams will be practicing within 3 weeks from today (July 3)! Football season is almost here!

I found this interesting graph from Iowa Chill that shows how many NFL players each state has per million residents. 4 southern states dominate the graph and 1 midwest state appears in the top 5.

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Iowa is one of the most represented states in the NFL per capita! You can find players in the NFL from the University of Iowa, Iowa State, and UNI at the beginning of this year's NFL training camp.

After finding this study, I was curious about how many current NFL players played their college football at the University of Iowa.

Current NFL Players From an Iowa School

The 2024 NFL season will begin with at least 13 former Hawkeyes on a training camp roster, according to College Transitions. The University of Iowa has the 13th most former players entering training camp in 2024.

We won't know the exact amount of Hawkeyes playing professional football this season, until the final roster cuts, but at the start of training camp, there will be at least 13.

Other Notable Schools

Plenty of other BIG 10 schools produce NFL football players, with 3 BIG 10 Universities placing in the top 10. Ohio State ties 3rd most, with 64 players. Michigan is right behind them with 63 players, and Penn State has the 7th most with 49 alumni.

It should come as no surprise to NFL fans and college football fans that the University of Alabama dominates the NFL landscape and it's not even CLOSE.

According to College Transitions, the Crimson Tide will have 77 alumni wearing an NFL uniform at the start of training camp. That is 13 more players than LSU, which comes in at 2nd with 64 alumni. The University of Georgia has the 5th most, with 61 players.

5 out of the top 10 schools are from the South, as the SEC conference continues to produce the most NFL football players each year.

Iowa Football's Unanimous Consensus All-Americans

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