Everyone has that one friend or coworker who is impossible to talk to in the mornings before they've had their first cup of coffee.

You may be this person! Have you ever noticed your coworkers avoiding you in the mornings and then they all of a sudden start talking to you once the coffee is gone?

Here in America, we drink billions of pounds of coffee per year. According to Taste of Home, 3 billion pounds of coffee is consumed in America yearly but how Americans enjoy their coffee best varies from state to state.

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Whether you enjoy plain black coffee, late's, capuccino, or you're one of those psychopaths who enjoys decaf coffee, one of these types of coffee rules above the rest in Iowa.

Iowa's Most Popular Coffee

Before seeing the results, if you had to guess which coffee type was most popular in Iowa, which type are you guessing? My first thought would be plain black coffee. There has to be plenty of farmers who wake up early, brew some coffee, throw it in their thermos, and begin their work for the day.

Technically...my guess is wrong but it's close!

Taste of Home
Taste of Home

Between 2017 and 2022, these were the most popular coffee searches in each state and as you can see, Iowa's most popular search was for iced coffee. Ice coffee is the most popular in the country by a landslide and dominates from North Dakota to most of the east coast.

28 states searched for iced coffee the most and the second closest was cold brew coffee. Our neighbors to the north are the only state in America that chose latte as their favorite type of coffee. Forwhatever reason, there are 7 states who prefer decafe coffee.

Am I crazy in thinking what's the point in drinking decaf coffee? Is it meant for people who like the flavor but don't want the caffeine? Who loves the taste of coffee that much that they want to drink it for fun?

Brewing Methods

Almost 80 percent of country uses a coffee machine to brew their coffee, according to Taste of Home. 40 states choose to use coffee pods and with the convenience that comes with coffee pods, this isn't that surprising.

There is one state that brews their coffee the old fashioned way. "Cowboy Coffee" or coffee beans brewed straight in boiling water is still prevelent in Wyoming.

How do you prefer your daily cup of coffee? Do you throw a few ice cubes in your cup or mug on a regular basis. I do this all of the time. Not because I prefer cold coffee but it helps cool the coffee down faster so I don't have to wait 20 minutes before I can start chugging it.

Let us know your favorite type of coffee in the comments! Did you know there are health benefits to drinking plain black coffee? Maybe it's time to jump on the bandwagon!

10 Health Benefits Of Black Coffee

While not everyone may be a fan of black coffee, there are several reasons why you should consider drinking it every day.

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