Don't get me wrong, it is and always has been a badge of honor to say you went to an Ivy League school (I couldn't even dream of getting in). But in one practical skill set whose value continues to increase among employers, the University of Iowa has just surpassed two of those Ivy League universities.

The University of Iowa is now tied with Yale as the #2 university (and is the only public university in the Top 10), surpassing Harvard and Princeton for writing, according to the latest rankings by U.S. News and World Report.

According to Iowa's News Now:

In 2020, Iowa was 13th overall, and in 2021 was No. 10. For the third consecutive year, Iowa is the top-ranked public institution.

Experts tout Iowa's excellence in the teaching of writing and communication, which are two highly coveted skills in the job market across a number of different career fields. In a statement, UI President Barbara Wilson said:

If you look at what most employers want these days, it’s what I call higher-order skills, and those are typically related to communication: How well you work in teams, how clearly you express yourself, and how effectively you use analytical skills in problem-solving situations,The emphasis on writing and communication at Iowa benefits all students.

She points to the Iowa Writers' Workshop  (whose home is seen above) and Nonfiction Writing Programs as specific programs that demonstrate the University of Iowa's commitment to helping all students build strong writing and communication skills.

Here's how Iowa fares in other categories ranked by U.S. News & World Report:

  • 9th in Bachelor of Science in Nursing programs
  • 34th in undergraduate business programs
  • 35th overall among only public universities
  • 51st in Best Colleges for veterans
  • 65th in undergraduate computer science programs
  • 68th in undergraduate engineering programs
  • 83rd overall among all private and public universities (Iowa State is #127)

In case you're wondering, Ivy Leaguer Brown University was #1!

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