I don't recall exactly how long we've been talking about the Newbo Music Festival. Was it May when we made the announcement? April? It feels like we've been talking about it forever... and finally it's almost here!  You know all the essential details... Saturday, August 8th.  Outdoors.  All ages show.  7 bands.  Headlined by Young the Giant.

Young the Giant (Getty Images)

Tickets are cheap.  Get them here. We've been touting it as the concert event of the summer in Cedar Rapids. It's on a weekend. It's summertime. It's outdoors. It's in a new, exciting location (NewBo City Market).  What can be said about this festival that we haven't said already?  We've been promoting the hell out of it on the KRNA airwaves and on krna.com. I've even resorted to doing a weird form of sign language (check out picture below).  We're 3 weeks away.  Get your damn tickets.

We've been talking this show to death on the KRNA airwaves. All the information you need to know is on krna.com. Now we're pointing at the show poster trying to get your ass to the show!


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