Hayden Fry is still remembered fondly around these here parts.  The beloved former Iowa football coach led the Hawkeyes for two decades (1979 - 1998).  You can cruise down Hayden Fry Way in Coralville, and you can celebrate all that is Hawkeye at "FRYfest" late every summer.  His teams had victorious "Hokey Pokey" dances, he famously had the locker room for the opponents painted pink, and he oversaw the creation of the iconic Tiger Hawk logo.  But take a step back and take this in, you Kirk Ferentz-hating / Fry-loving douchebags... the actual results show Kirk Ferentz is Fry's equal.

Back in March 2015, I wrote a long (probably fair to say "rambling") blog asking Hawk fans what the hell it is that they want.  I don't want to rehash the same points all over again. You can feel free to click the link and read it yourself.

In the end, it seems like a lot of the frustration is due to the money Ferentz makes.  Yes, 4.5 million is a lot of dough.  Michigan's Jim Harbaugh (a guy Ferentz and the Hawks beat this year, by the way) earns twice as much as Ferentz.  Ohio State's Urban Meyer makes over 6 million.

Time for the bottom line.  In 20 seasons, Hayden Fry's overall record at Iowa was 143-89-6.  He went 6-7-1 in bowl games.  With a solid 2017, Kirk Ferentz could pass Fry in wins at Iowa.  In 18 seasons at Iowa, Ferentz's record is 135-92.  That includes a dismal 1-10 debut season in 1999, after Hayden had left the cupboard completely bare.  He has gone 6-8 in bowl games.  No national championships for either.  No Rose Bowl victories.  Nearly identical win percentages.  If you loved Hayden, I'm sorry folks... you can't hate on ol' Kirk.

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