The swampy video of "Till It's Gone" from Yelawolf puts me in the mood for an airboat ride. It has nearly 7 millions hits on YouTube and I'm responsible for several. Love that vid!

I've never been on an airboat, nor have I ever been to, as Jerry Cantrell says, a "Boggy Depot." I'm a Mississippi River Rat -- born and raised on the Big Muddy. I've been on jetboats, houseboats, casinoboats, canoes and cruisers. I've also been water skiing, tubing and parasailing. If it attached to a rope and takes place on the water, I've tried it. But I've still never been on an airboat. Probably need to move to the bayou or Everglades to get this one on my resume.

This song was featured on season 7 of 'Sons of Anarchy.' It's an ass-kicker. Instead of the shooting scene, maybe it would've been more graphic to toss someone into the fan of the airboat.