"If I didn't have a wife and kids, there'd be no debate."

Mars One has selected it's final 100 candidates. In ten years, the group plans to send humans on a one-way trip to the Red Planet. Eventually, 24 people will be selected to be part of four groups. The aim is to start a colony. Here's the CNN Story from last month. Here's the NATGEO video...

That "turd in a toilet bowl" quote is something else, huh? Drifting aimlessly "out there" might be a better place for that cat.

This is all in dream-stage. It would take $6 billion for Mars One to go through with it's plan. And, an MIT study raised doubts over the technological feasibility of such a venture. To me, the most interesting aspect of all of this is people wanting to commit suicide to be space pioneers. Neil and Buzz, et al had the same issues. But, there was a chance they'd return.