It's been nearly 40 years since a men's college basketball team went undefeated. Back in 1976, Bobby Knight's Indiana Hoosiers ran the board and went 32-0. It was the last perfect season. The Legendary Curt Gowdy is at the mic describing the last few seconds of the title game in this video. Knight's sport coat is epic, as is the look on his face when that fan grabs him just after the buzzer.

This year, Kentucky will try to equal the feat. Is it tougher to go a whole season without a loss in the modern era? Statistics show that is the case. In the 60s and 70s it happened quite a few times, especially when you factor in the John Wooden UCLA teams.

What has all of us excited here in Iowa is that all three of our schools are dancing. How far will you take the Panthers, Hawkeyes and Cyclones in your Million Dollar Bracket Challenge?

Although Selection Sunday doesn't happen until the 15th, you can bookmark our grid now so you're ready to make your picks. If you guess 60 games correctly, it's $10,000 in your pocket. Pick every game and you win a cool million.

I'll join some of the other jocks here at KRNA in picking my favorites. Watching the state schools and the quest of Kentucky to finally bring a modern-era team into the undefeated ranks will be exciting. Some people don't like KY Coach John Calipari. They're just jealous of the 31-0 mark.

I'll say it again: If our three state schools were combined into one this basketball season, we'd be in the rarified air of the Kentucky Wildcats. Enjoy the games and good luck to you in the Million Dollar Bracket Challenge. Sign in right here.