Quentin Tarantino has another throwback flick set for release later this year. Fresh off of 2012's Django Unchained comes another movie with a high-profile horse and carriage: The Hateful Eight. The film, starring Samuel L. Jackson, Kurt Russell and Jennifer Jason Leigh is set in Wyoming a decade after the civil war. Eight outlaws trapped in a blizzard. Tension ensues.

They should have set it in Dickshooter, ID. Same terrain, better name.

The town is named after a dude named Dick Shooter, a man who "established a homestead there." Must have been a fan of the bighorn.

QT says you should see it in glorious Ultra Panavision 70. I'll probably see it in glorious Sharkquarium Emerson 50". Either way, you've gotta love it when this guy makes a new movie. You may recognize a few of his "regulars" in this trailer.

The film will arrive in select theatres by Christmas in 70mm and elsewhere in early January.

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