I love big league ballparks. My father and I used to go to Old Comiskey back in the day. The South Side was our home away from home every summer. Then  came the 1990s and our cool, character-filled park was replaced by a football stadium.

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The Sox built a monstrosity. In the same era, the Orioles build a "nice little ballpark." Which model set the tone for future construction? You guessed it. There have been a lot of Camden Yard clones over the years. Not many look like "New Comiskey."

I've seen quite a few of the best stadiums across the USA in addition to Camden: Fenway, Shea, Coors Field to name a few. There's one I've always wanted to see...with a plate of sushi and a tallboy.

As a Jr. Shark, I had a chance to go to Disneyland and The Big A in Anaheim right next door. The Angels were my team. Carew, Baylor, The Jacksons, Grich, Lynn and the rest of my heroes gave us a thrill. Never had the chance to walk into Dodger Stadium. It's been awhile since I've been to Los Angeles. This is a mandatory stop for me when I return. "The House That Vin Scully built."

Now, we have a chance for you to pick your MLB ballpark. Is there one somewhere in North America that you'd like to see?