Regardless of whom you vote for, it is your right, privilege and obligation as a U.S. citizen to cast your ballot in Tuesday's Presidential election.

Here is a quick guide to the polling places for our neighboring cities and communities.

Linn County:


Johnson County:

Early Voting Monday at Auditor's Office 7:45 to 5:30

Tuesday: Vote at your Polling Place Only. Polls Open 7 AM to 9 PM


Jones County:

2016 JONES COUNTY GENERAL ELECTION POLLING PLACE INFORMATION     Hours: 7:00 a.m. to 9:00 p.m., Tuesday, November 8, 2016
Anamosa North Lawrence Community Center, 600 E. Main, Anamosa IA Monticello 3 Berndes Center, 766 N. Maple St., Monticello IA
Anamosa South Anamosa Library & Learning Center, 600 E. 1st St., Anamosa IA Monticello 4 Berndes Center, 766 N. Maple St., Monticello IA
Castle Grove/Lovell/Wayne Monticello Kirkwood Center, 220 Welter Dr., Monticello IA Oxford Oxford Junction  Fire Station, 201 Main St., Oxford Junction  IA
Fairview First Baptist Church, 1302 E. 3rd St. Anamosa IA Richland/Washington Cascade EMS Center, 803 1st Ave. W., Cascade  IA
Greenfield Martelle Fire Station, 212 Iowa St., Martelle IA Rome/Hale Olin School Community Mtg Room, 301 Parkway, Olin IA
Monticello 1 Monticello Council Room, 220 E. 1st St., Monticello IA Scotch Grove/Madison/Clay Onslow Community Room, 105 S. Main St., Onslow  IA
Monticello 2 Monticello Veteran’s Hall, 220 E. 1st St., Monticello  IA Wyoming Wyoming  Memorial Hall, 130 W. Main St., Wyoming  IA
All polling places for this election are handicapped accessible, however, any voter who is physically unable to enter the polling place has the right to vote in the voter’s vehicle. For further information please contact the County Auditor’s Office at the following telephone or TTY number or e-mail address: listed below:Telephone:  319 462-2282   •   TTY: 711+ 319 462-2282    •   E-mail: