When I played “Tomorrow” by Silverchair this morning, I wondered… “What the hell ever happened to these guys?”  The Australian band – consisting of Daniel Johns (vocals, guitar), Ben Gillies (drums) and Chris Joannou (bass) – last had my attention all the way back in 2007. That’s when I saw them perform live at Lollapalooza in Chicago. Their set that day got my attention. It was a really good show. I remember Daniel Johns playing a guitar solo with his teeth!  They didn’t even perform “Tomorrow” (from Frogstomp), their 1995 single that became a huge hit when they were mere teenagers. They seemed like a band wanting to turn the page and create something new. I immediately went out and bought their new album, Young Modern. Turns out, that would be their last.

Silverchair always did well in their homeland.  All five of their albums went to #1 on the Australian albums chart.  Here in the U.S., however, it’s my recollection that the band pretty much dropped off the map after their single, “Anthem for the Year 2000” from 1999’s Neon BallroomYoung Modern was an eye opener for me though. Johns turned 28 the year that album was released. I was amazed at where Silverchair had gone. Featuring the super-catchy single, “Straight Lines”, this felt about as far from “Tomorrow” as the band could be.

On May 25, 2011, Silverchair announced their “indefinite hibernation”. Will they ever return? Who knows. But give Young Modern a listen. They are so much more than those kids from the 90’s copying grunge.

Silverchair Discograpy:

  • Frogstomp (1995)
  • Freak Show (1997)
  • Neon Ballroom (1999)
  • Diorama (2002)
  • Young Modern (2007)