If you like to drink your booze from a packet like hot chocolate, there are a few Iowa lawmakers who'd like to keep that zipped up. Powdered alcohol already as the go-ahead from the FDA, but The Iowa Alcoholic Beverages Division and several legislators would like it banned. Four states have made it illegal. "Palcohol" is a easy to conceal. You just pour and stir. Bar owners are among those who have voiced concerns. Naturally these guys want you to buy their traditional drink offerings instead of bringing in your own. Can't fault that stance. You can't bring in a flask and sit down at a bar. A packet of palcohol is easier to conceal.

Enforcing this would be tough. Bartenders and servers are busy. Ordering a water, then doing the deed under the table with a packet of palcohol would not be difficult to pull off. Are drinking holes now going to need to police all the water drinkers?

I'd like to try a packet of palcohol. If it tastes good, bar owners have every reason to be worried. But, have you ever had a glass of powdered lemonade that tasted as good as concentrate? Not even close.

If we are "powderizing" alcohol, how soon until you can get a pop in a packet? Those soda making machines are pretty popular, but if they made a packet for soda, that would be more popular than the alcoholic version.

Here's hoping powdered beer nuts aren't the next big thing.