Sun. Sand. Is there is anything better? We think not.

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The Volley4Education 6-on-6 sand volleyball tournament returns for the 24th season to benefit Junior Achievement of Eastern Iowa this Friday afternoon at Volley's On Blairs Ferry in Cedar Rapids.

Yes, it's a really good cause. JA has been doing great work nationwide for years and the Eastern Iowa group is no exception. This major fundraiser of theirs is just one of many fun events the organization coordinates each year.

But you can keep that in your back pocket. The real reason to play is, of course to, win. With winning comes bragging rights. And we all like to feel a little bit superior to our rivals. So give in to your base desire. Get a 6 person team together. But do it quickly. The games begin Friday.

It's perfectly OK to tell your friends you are doing it all for the benefit of Junior Achievement of Eastern Iowa. But let's be honest. You are a warrior. You want to win. You crave the spotlight, the adoration of fans, the glory of becoming the crown champion. Nothing wrong with that, my friend. Not a thing.

Teams of 4-8 are allowed, and there’s no co-ed requirement. You get a minimum of 5 games and the very popular keg toss competition as we set up the finals!

Click here to get more info and the registration form.