Who the hell is stealing Christmas lights in the Waterloo area?

According to aroundiowa.com, a holiday lights thief in Waterloo is stealing outdoor lights in the middle of the night!

One resident even captured video of the theft. What a punk!

As a young hoodlum growing up on the mean streets of Detroit I admit I was a bit of a juvenile delinquent. Every holiday season my punk ass friends and I would quietly sneak up to the old brick houses with outdoor Christmas light displays twinkling in the snow, and unscrew a few of those big fat lightbulbs and pocket them.

Back then we had an old saying "when one goes out, they all go out" which meant the string of lights would go completely dark as we pilfered a few precious red and green bulbs.

Our reason for stealing them was simple. They made a delightfully loud "popping" sound when we would smash them in the street. Kind a like fireworks going off in the middle of December. Pop! Pop! Pop!

We were just young and stupid. But this  guy who is ripping off Waterloo residents of their lights is a real Grinch.

[source: aroundiowa.com]