Donald Trump and candidate Hillary Clinton's vice presidential candidates tore people apart today as many people could not decide between the events (but not really). As both Trump and Hillary Clinton fans could not be further on issues, and  on Monday decided between attending Tim Kaine's speech where he struggled to reach young people like Sanders did,or Mike Pence's prophetic summoning of Trump's reign of terror. Republican Mike Pence spoke at Giese Manufacturing in Dubuque about how the U.S. government should be more careful about who it lets into the country.

"Compared to Hillary Clinton's plan to expand our refugee program by 550%, When Donald Trump becomes President of the United States, we will have extreme vetting for immigrants coming from troubled parts in the world. We will suspend the refugee program coming from Syria until we know who those people are." Mike Pence; Ball of Sunshine.

Referringfering to Syrians as "those people" is an effective tool to demonize them and have americans consider them as "the others".

"The weak and ineffective foreign policy of Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton has emboldened our enemies, and compromised the safety of the American people. That's all going to end on the 20th day of January when Donald Trump becomes president." Mike Pence


"...and unleashes the gates below us, as sulfurous magma erupts from the crust of the ill, spewing ash that blocks out the son" ...he may have continued according to my intuition.

Meanwhile Tim Kaine, Clinton’s running mate, spoke in Ames at Iowa State University. Hillary Clinton has said she will focus on trying to attract younger people to her campaign like her democratic opponent Bernie Sanders did in the Primaries. The Virginia senator focused his speech on getting millennials to get out and vote, some believe he did so while wearing a backwards cap and rapping about voting.

"My names Tim Kaine and I'm here to say,

Voting is ON FLEEK in a MAJOR Way,

Some say the country's in a slump,

so be a cool cat and don't vote for Trump,

From Waterloo to the county of Vinton,

Get out and vote for Hillary Clinton" - Possible Tim Kaine Quote with no source.

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