Beer drinking used to be pretty standard: Grab a delicious domestic and kick back & enjoy. Several years ago, it all changed with the massive influx of craft beers of every style imaginable. Now another breakthrough. Wait for it....


Yes, good people of the Hawkeye State. It's here and it's from Poland. The Order of Yoni. This name is rooted in the Sanskrit meaning of vagina. Brewed with Lactobacillus, the main bacteria responsible for maintaining a healthy vaginal flora.

I'm sure the WTF's are swirling through that head of yours. Calm yourself and watch this video for the full VaJJuice explination.

Is it worth a try? I'm not sure. Will Poland's new export "spread" around the world to a great success story? Time will tell, my friend. Here's a link so you can order a sample for yourself. Or, you could continue to tip back PBRs and stay in your non-adventurous drinking cocoon.