The two mutually assured facets of life: Death and Taxes. One is due today. One is hopefully waaaaaay down the road for you, my friend. Payable On Death is a great band that combines both. But they abbreviate the name so you aren't startled.

If that tax payment is owed and not due, I'd like to suggest spending your hard-earned payback on the biggest 4th of July party in the state this summer. My company (Townsquare Media) and my friends down the hall (KHAK) are teaming up with our great partner (Thomas Dostal Developers) for a bash for the ages at the McGrath Amphitheater.

We'll fire off the biggest fireworks display in Iowa at the Freedom Festival and you'll have the best seat in Downtown Cedar Rapids. What is the biggest aggravation when you go to a place with a big crowd? Lack of bathrooms? Long lines at the beer tent? Squeezed in like a sardine?

All of those will sour any great event.

We have you covered at ours. Plenty of space, ice cold beer and an abundance of porta-potties. All the essentials. They tell me the Country artists that will play that day are fantastic. If you aren't familiar with the genre, ask the person next to you. It is, after all, Country music in the state of Iowa. Kind of a big deal around here.

You can save some money if you get your tickets now. There will be price increases, followed by a guilty conscience if you don't snag yours early. Don't wait. Do it now. Uncle Sam is sending you back some of your cash. Put it to good use this summer.