Some of the best restaurants/bars are the ones you have to work to find. They don't have huge marketing campaigns and they certainly aren't corporate chains.

That brings me to a cool spot that I stumbled upon last weekend in Iowa City:

Pullman Bar & Diner.

This joint is the jam (it's cool). It's right across S Dubuque Street from The Sports Column and Deadwood. It's like a retro diner met a modern cafe. There's an old school counter with chairs like you'd find in an old soda fountain. Red leather booths. And they spin classic records. As for the food and drink?

Both are on another level.

Buttermilk fried chicken. Shrimp and grits. Pan roasted fish. The food is delicious.

Moscow Mule. Gin Rickey. Old Fashioned. The cocktails are on point.

I highly recommend this spot. If you're looking for something new this weekend, you should hit it up.