Over the weekend, me and my moto-pals Tim, Craig and Tom took a trip to Elizabeth, Illinois. Had to see what SHARK'S ROADHOUSE was all about. Tim said it was a must-stop. The place did not disappoint.

Had a rack of ribs and took a few obligatory snapshots.

All the "Sharkstuff" in my office that has piled up over the years reminds me of a doctor I knew who had a duck collection. He didn't hunt, nor was he an avid aviary aficionado. Just happened to have a duck in his office and people started getting him more and more duck stuff. Pictures, mugs, hats. I know the feeling.

The exceptional Kawasaki Concourse 14 was a mean, road hugging machine across the scenic roads of NW Illinois. I forgot how beautiful Savannah is. Frank Fritz American Pickers stop was cool.

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