Not a big fan of the treadmill. Maybe it's because I nearly wiped out on one at the corner fitness store. Maybe it's because they are boring. Probably a combo.

My near-catastrophic crash would have been prevented if I had had on one of these harnesses.

That marathon pace is incredible. Never was there a better demonstration of just how fast elite runners are going than in that video.

I've never really understood the concept of treadmills, even in winter. Sure, running on ice sucks, but it puts some excitement into an otherwise tedious task. And when the weather is perfect for running, people still use them. Catching up on "The View" must take priority over fresh air and chirping birds (or chirping Radio Pup mobile apps).

Later today, I'm hanging with my pals at "The Duece." The CBS2 Your Health Expo is at the Doubletree from 11 a.m. to 4 p.m. Stop by our table and say hello.