Tool's most recent album, 10,000 Days was released in May 2006. So much of the discussion about Tool in 2016 involves how f&%king long its been since the band has put out an album. Supposedly, there's progress. I wouldn't hold my breath for new material in 2016. Maybe 2017? While we patiently wait, I thought I'd take a moment to honor Tool's Undertow, released 23 years ago this week (4/6/1993).

Undertow was Tool's first full-length album.  It was preceded by the 1992 EP, Opiate which contained 4 studio cuts and 2 live tunes (plus a hidden track).  Undertow's best-known track, "Sober" - with its stop-motion animation video - helped the album to reach significant sales and brought the band a modest level of fame and success.

Undertow was the final album with bassist Paul D'Amour.  Justin Chancellor would replace him in 1995 and work with the band until the present day.  Henry Rollins pops up on Undertow as well, providing some guest vocals on the track, "Bottom".

Undertow was released at a time when grunge was at its height of popularity.  So while the album didn't reach the heights of Pearl Jam or Nirvana albums from that era, it did reach #50 on the Billboard charts and eventually went multi-platinum.  It also laid the groundwork for upcoming blockbusters, Ænima (1996) and Lateralus (2001).  

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