My friend and former KRNA jock Tommy Lang is facing the battle of his life. His post on Facebook revealed how serious his current medical condition is. Tommy's liver is failing. He is awaiting transplant at UIHC.

I met Tommy in the spring of 1998. He was the night jammer on KRNA. Back when we played CDs. His favorite was by the band James. He lived in an apartment "safely secluded in the student ghetto on Iowa Avenue." We instantly hit it off and had lots of great times in the Hawkeye Nation.

Hanging with the likes of Fish, Red Dog, Winkie, Jess, Jay, Joe, Uncle Bob, Valerie, Mike, Voss, Monica, Mo, and of course Dr. Redskin Robbie made for some stimulating conversation. I'm sure I'm leaving some of the late 90's KRNA Kids out, but it's all just a bit fuzzy as Mustaine would say.

Speaking of Mustaine, Jaymz came to town about that time. I partied with these dudes a time or two.

TLang & JLar

DOUGHNUTS! Yes, we did the doughnuts chant at 3rd St. Live's Green Room [Or Bear Cave as Chicago fans called it]. Don't ask what that chant sounded like. If you were there, you can download it into the synapses at any time.

Tommy has been in recovery mode for awhile now, battling several different ferocious maladies simultaneously, all while keeping his famous sense of humor. It's been my experience under these circumstances that laughter, even when you feel like total crap, is a savior. If you tweet or post to the Book of Face with Lang, you know he's all about the funny.

Although we don't hang as much we did back in the day, I just spoke with Tommy days before his announcement. It was good to catch up. We often see each other at Tailgators/Coralville during football season. The conversations inevitably drift over to the Magic Bus and the wild-ass debauchery that place was famous for generating.


Here's to a speedy recovery, TLang. Here's a link to his transplant fund. I look forward hanging with a great Hawkeye and his new addition on a football Saturday this September.