The Titans won a thriller over the weekend. From my P.A. Perch, it was one of the most exciting IFL games in the three years of existence for our team. This video features a Spencer Ohm to J.J. Hayes touchdown. Another "CR6!"

A wild finish included a safety by the Titans front line to tie the game late at 57-57. Then, with a few ticks left on the clock, Kicker Rockne Belmonte nailed a 37-yarder at the buzzer. This was a game that the Titans held a ten-point lead in throughout most of the first 3 quarters. Then, the Axemen slowly crept back in. But the Titans turned on the heat at the end for their 6th straight victory.

Cedar Rapids 60, Bemidji 57.

4500 witnessed another fun night at the Mediacom Field. Next up: May 3, it's Texas in town for Breast Cancer Awareness Night at U.S. Cellular Center.

This is a turbo-charged brand of football, filled with pro-level players. See you on the 3rd.