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A few weeks back, I blogged about a county jail break in Western Iowa. I surmised that these people rarely have a plan once they cut loose. The New York escapees that fled Clinton Correctional in Dannemora 10 days ago either have one or they've been extremely lucky.

NBC News reported over the weekend that NY Gov.Cuomo says "Team Sweat & Matt" could be "in Mexico by now."  Or, maybe searching for a discarded microwave burger in a Northeast New York 7-11 dumpster, huh, Gov? No new leads have been reported for several days.

Would Canada be a better bet than Mexico if you were 10 miles from the Canadian wilderness? Royal Canadian Mounted Police are no picnic. Neither are Mexican authorities when it comes to extradition. Andy Dufresne settled in Zihuatanejo but he was innocent. And he only had a rock hammer. These guys had so much hardware, they could be DeWalt poster boys.

The prison worker who allegedly befriended one of the prisoners, gave them all of those tools & panicked at pickup time has fed authorities a lot of information. There's even been a few reports of her plan to free these guys, then have them kill her husband. Then, it's back to her tale about getting cold feet because she still loved her husband [who also works at the prison.] Her story is fluid, to say the least. You have to wonder how many people are in on this plot.

The wilderness surrounding the little prison town is where 800+ officers and dogs have concentrated their search. When the cons crawled out of that manhole, they could've immediately bolted the state on a train or motorcycles or...whatever. Think of the taxpayer bill on all that cop overtime! You gotta start somewhere in the search effort, I guess.

One person we haven't seen in all of this media coverage is Clinton Warden Steven Racette. Things have got to be tense for that guy, and getting worse with every passing hour...

I think prisons across the country will be installing motion sensors in the bowels of these facilities. For listeners in SE Iowa, this Ft. Madison wall-scaling drill might make you feel more secure. Or, maybe not.