It's been a long road back to operation for The Iowa Memorial Union at the University of Iowa. By the end of the month, the ground floor renovation is expected to be ready to roll. Before the Flood of '08, the IMU was one of the most-used areas on campus. Since then, the 83,000 square-foot space has been inaccessible for student use.

The Des Moines Register reports the next four weeks will be busy for UI staffers. They want to get the space ready for visitors. 4000 of them. Incoming freshmen will be visiting in droves in June and July. I remember strolling the ground floor with a friend visiting the campus. We had just been to the Wisconsin student union in Madison. That one also has a water view, only with more curd stench.

The staffs at the Hawk Shop and Bookstore are eager to get back to their old digs. I look forward to seeing the new layout.