I have a buddy that has four tickets to the Chicago Cubs game tonight. Best of all, they were FREE! I said he's my "buddy," but I still haven't received my invitation.

These tickets remind me of the Willy Wonka movie. Everybody wanted to find the "Golden Ticket." Cub fans are looking for that ticket....and they aren't cheap.

I've heard ticket prices ranging from $4,000 all the way up to $7,500. It's hard to believe the ticket prices are so high. But then again, it's been a few years since the Cubs have played in the World Series...71 years to be exact.

I asked my friend if he would consider selling his tickets. He told me, "not a chance, this is a one in a lifetime opportunity." He's not a rich, either. I'm sure he could use the cash. This is the same guy who cried when the Cubs beat the Dodgers last week, so I'm not surprised he's holding on to them.

Chicago will be crazy tonight. People have been in front of the stadium since early this morning. The bars will be packed, I'm worried they might run out of BEER!...this is big.

You may not be a Cub fan, but I think we all can admit: This is all pretty cool. It's a great story, and tonight will be an exciting night!

If you're like me, you'll be watching the game on television. I'm ok with that. I plan to watch the game in Cedar Rapids with my friends at a small tavern. I need to find a good Cub bar. Comment below and let me know where you will be watching the game.

Let's all get together, drink a few beers, and watch history unfold!

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