By this point, most of us know that Urban Dictionary hates Cedar Rapids.

But what about our neighbor to the south? Iowa City is probably my favorite locale in the entire state. It sounds like Urban Dictionary agrees. Here are a few excerpts from several posts up at the UD site (Please excuse any grammatical/spelling errors):

Simply put, the best town in the world home to the best state U in the world, the University of Iowa. Voted #1 Best Place to Live in the USA, named most cultured city per capita in the nation, it was the first city in the world to elect a female mayor, it has one of the top five public school districts in the nation, it's the home of the ACT (test) and of 115,000 intelligent, diverse people. 30,000 party hardy college kids, a sweet downtown, a world class concert hall with world class entertainment and Big Ten Iowa Hawkeye athletics make it one sweet place to live.

Arguably the coolest college town in the Midwest, with only Madison WI rivaling it. 

If you havent been here for a Hawkeye game, or spent a weekend at the bars, you know nothing of it..... Iowa City has the biggest bar in the Big 10, and is renowned everywhere in the midwest.

It's all sounding pretty good for Iowa City. Of course, one poster couldn't resist getting another Cedar Rapids dig in:

After you realize that Iowa City is nothing but a really fun college town, and every a$%hole is the same, you will start running away (only to run into Cedar Rapids which is shi$%ier and smells like oats).

Damn you, Urban Dictionary!

How about you? Do you think Iowa City is as cool as Urban Dictionary describes? Share your thoughts.