It' been a tough year for the Cleveland Browns. The team has played 11 games and still no victory. How can a team be this terrible?

It has to be hard for the fans in Cleveland. But we can't feel too sorry for them. If you remember, their basketball team won a championship this year. And don't forget, the Cleveland Indians made it to the World Series.

This week the Browns will play take on the New York Giants. Vegas has the "G-men" favored by 7 points. I think New York might win by 40.

I don't think Cleveland will win Sunday, and I don't think they will win the rest of the year. I've watched this team play, they are bad. Really, really, bad.

Going 0-16 has only happened a few times in the NFL. The last time was 2008, when it happened to the Detroit Lions. This year, it will the Cleveland Browns!

There is good news to all of this. With the worst record in the NFL, Cleveland will likely get the number one draft pick...I feel sorry for that guy they pick! GO BROWNS!

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