baconfest 2014

SharkTalks Baconfest With CBS2’s Justin Roberts
My friend and fellow broadcaster Justin Roberts invited me over to the set of the CBS2 Morning Show today for a rundown on Baconfest. The big event is at New Bo City Market tomorrow from 10a-2p.
Stuff your face with bacon! As you can see by this video, this Sow Pow Wow is gonna be the shiznit...
Popular Pigs in Pictures
Rainy day today, with another one projected for tomorrow... looks like a good time to curl up under a blanket and catch a good flick.  Maybe watch a pig on the screen, while enjoying a plate of bacon, or BLTs, or something.
10 Crazy Bacon Foods You Have To Try To Believe
Bacon: the word alone inspires salivation and nostalgia for its sizzling sound and delectable scent. It's great on its own, obviously, but the entire empire built around this food is hard to ignore. In preparation for Cedar Rapids' biggest celebration of bacon, we have compiled a list of t…

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