Summer vacation is officially over. This past weekend was the final weekend of freedom for kids everywhere who are getting ready to head back to school this week.

Do you remember how great it felt that last day of school? You had three whole months to just be lazy and do NOTHING! But as you probably reminded your kids this weekend, they were down to just a few days. As great as that feeling is of endless summer days, the dread of a new school year is just as powerful! No more sleeping in. No more playing with your friends outside long after dark. No more sleepovers and staying up until 4 a.m. Now it's early morning alarms. Cramming down breakfast before the bus gets here. Homework and sports practices after school. It's back to reality.

They played outside and rode their bikes up and down the street. They lived it up pretty good. They know that tomorrow is the beginning of a new school year. And they may be excited, but it'll never match the memories made during another great summer.