When my teammates and I were driving to golf practice with Coach Z back in high school one rainy Eastern Iowa day, he was grumpy. Coach Z wasn't upset that we were facing yet another day hitting drives into a net in the "Little Gym."

He had stoplight rage.

"I spend half my life at this light. It's TOTALLY UNNECESSARY!"

These many years later, I feel Z's pain. 1st Ave. and 38th St. SE is one of those lights. Rarely is a car present when I am stopped in my 40mph tracks. Is there a timer on that thing? More importantly, could the light be replaced by a stop sign?

Thankfully I have a variety of routes to get to my beloved KRNA studios each day or the rager would match that of Da Coach.

Back to honing my putting skills in the hallway of the Rock N Roll Skybox. While a scratch golfer I have NOT become, Coach Z would nonetheless be proud of my civic discontent.