We are installing some new digital systems here at work. Any chiropractic professional will tell you that when at the console tapping away at a PC, you need a good posture, right? Well, tapping we did...all weekend long. And my spine is probably shot by now. This old studio stool is still the most comfortable in the KRNA Skybox. It's a relic.

Many KRNA alums probably remember using it at The Bunker in Iowa City. Chairs break. Springs get sprung. Not this thing. You could toss it four floors down to the "Rapids" sculpture here at Plaza 425 like Dave Letterman and it would be just fine.

My office chair is one of those huge leather getups. Even if I could raise it up to console level and bring it into the studio, the old stool would still rool.

I hope this radio station furniture analysis has been as fulfilling for you as it has for me. Now back to the new digital dandies glowing in the corner. It's a brand new week and a brand new chance to be dazzled by technology. Luckily, I have a comfortable seat from which to play with all the shiny toys.