Superunknown. My favorite CD of the 90's. By far. The seminal 1994 release from Soundgarden is getting alot of attention this month with the release of the 20th anniversary edition.

KRNA rolls an encore one hour Superunknown special 2 a.m. Monday. Featuring interview clips with Chris, Ben, Kim and Matt and some of the best tracks from the record. "Like Suicide" is one of those featured. 7 minutes of pure pleasure. And, as a special treat this will be one of the unplugged rarities included in this special package. The record is full of bonus material.

Host Dan Neer describes Soundgarden's path to Superunknown in the opening of the special. He analyzes the early days, then moves into 1994 with the word "juggernaut" to describe the release [and subsequent stratospheric rise] of the disc. It was lightning in a bottle. Not too many CDs have essential tracks front to back. This one does.

The band has been playing a few dates this spring and summer and putting Superunknown front and center. They are playing the disc in it's entirety. Dreamy sequence there, brally.

We have a big stack of these CDs. If you'd like a free copy of this limited edition double disc, sign in below and we'll draw some winners next week.

Enjoy that special. Saturday night at 9 p.m. Bonus playback Monday morning at 2 a.m. Only on your Soundgarden Station: 94.1 KRNA.

I'm just a tad biased, but I think you'll enjoy it.