I've always been a superfan of Incubus. My boys from Cali have been around since 1991 when singer Brandon Boyd and Mike Einzinger started making music in Calabasas High School. They were 15. It was the start of something special.

When people ask me the KRNA bands I like the most, it's always "Incubus & Tool." My standard response. I'll keep saying it until we flip to Spicy Polka. Then, I'll play you a Spicy Polka set with Incubus & Tool covers.

Word has it they have been spotted "in studio" this summer as they start to prep a 2015 CD release. Boyd promised it would drop next year, followed by a tour. Part of those tour plans include a set with Soundgarden and Faith No More at the Soundwave Music Festival in Australia.

From the beginnings with the superfunk of Fungus Amongus and S.C.I.E.N.C.E. into the prog of Morning View and A Crow Left Of The Murder and the stunning hit machine that is Light Grenades....these guys friggin' rock. I've never seen them live, but that will have to change in '15. Even if it means a trip to Sydney. I don't mind 23 hour flights.

Here's a look at some of my fave tracks. Fellow Incu-Nut Titan Doll/Rider Girl Morgan Johnson might agree.

And, when you make that call to the divorce lawyer, make sure this one is cued up...

Here's to a January release in '15. Can't wait much longer.