The new "Star Wars" movie had a HUGE debut in movie theatres this weekend. According to CNN, "Rouge One" landed a most impressive $290 million dollar opening at the box office this weekend."

It's pretty obvious people really wanted to see this movie. We had a great response from our listeners last week when we had a "Rouge One" ticket giveaway. The winner was so happy, she dropped off cookies and popcorn to us when she picked up the tickets!

According to CNN, "The movie opened in more then 4,100 theatres domestically and told the story of how the Rebel Alliance stole the secret plans to the evil Death Star."

The staff here at KRNA are cutting out of work early on Tuesday to go watch the movie ourselves. We are all dressing up as characters from "Star Wars." Producer Mike is Chewy, Micki will be Princess Leia, and I'm going as R2-D2.

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