We're coming up on Easter Weekend. Weather Wimps around here are happy to see warm fronts and rain showers instead of blizzards. Sorry to bring you back into icy thoughts, but I think our government has made a nice rule for next winter.

Iowa's governor put the pen to paper and passed a law yesterday. "The Sledding Bill" protects cities in the state from lawsuits following accidents on the hills. If someone has the misfortune of injury while sledding, this new law prevents local communities from being held liable.

As a Dubuque native, I was raised on some of the best sled slides in the region. I'm glad this has been passed. That city had to limit tubes and tobbaggans to just two locations in 2014-15. That's like telling someone they can only go into two casinos when in Vegas.

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The bill also protects schools if someone gets hurt in a gym. It goes into effect July 1.

You could always keep things on private property and not worry about legislation...